Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Using Shielding can clip to instead of shielding frame

SMT shielding can clipFor almost of the frequency radio apparatus, the Printed Circuit board must design the shielding frame/can to prevent the EMI (Electromagnetic Disturbance Interference) effect. The regular design will apply one shielding frame to mount on PCB by solder and another shielding can to cover on the frame to isolate the RF.

That means there will be two press tools cost before implement this solution. Beside, the shielding frame must be mounted on the PCB by SMT process. It requires lower flatness specification to keep the solder joint well. Most of the shielding frame asks its flatness meet 0.12mm maximum. Some of the shielding frame even asks the flatness must lower than 0.10mm maximum. Because of current stencil thickness is around 0.10~0.127mm only. It brings more difficult to form the shielding frame and raise its cost.

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